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  • "IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR" movie & soundtrack album. 1963

 quotes One evening at Elvis' house in Bel Air he asked me to play his piano and we spent some time jamming, with Elvis and some of his friends singing. It was not long after that that I got called to play on his sessions for the soundtrack for It Happened At The World's Fair. We recorded for about twelve hours at Radio Recorders, completing the entire soundtrack in one day. There was a moment, when I had to fight for THEY REMIND ME TOO MUCH OF YOU, when someone mentioned that it resembled Chapel In The Moonlight. It wasn't Elvis that noticed the similarity, it was someone in the control booth while we were rehearsing. I was afraid they were going to throw the song out of the session, so I worked out new opening notes at the piano. Then I went over to Elvis where he was standing in front of his vocal mike and I sang him the new notes. He said, 'Fine. I think I can do that!' So that's the way he sang it on the next run through, and the powers that be in the booth said OK and we did a finished take.quotes

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